Tim Ferriss Chilipad

Tim Ferriss Chilipad Cube, Ear Plugs, Sleep Mask and Mattress

A lot of people are of the view that technology is the biggest hurdle in their sleep, and bringing technology to your room is equivalent to giving it the license to invade your sleep. However, Tim Ferriss has a rather different view.

Now when we say Tim Ferriss, we mean the guy who’s name has been listed in Fortune’s 40 under 40 and who has written not one but 5 #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, namely: The 4-hour hour week, Tools of Titans and World Class Performers. Owing to his podcast’s widespread fame, he has also been named the Oprah of audio, his podcast being the first to exceed 100 million downloads in the business/interview category.

In one of his podcasts, Tim opens up about his life long insomnia, what worked and what didn’t. Having tried everything under the sky, he believes that there are only a critical few which made it to his list.

This includes the ChiliPad, Helix mattress, Sleep Master’s sleep mask and 3M E-A-R soft FX ear plugs, which we’ll be reviewing below.

Tim Ferriss Recommends ChiliPad

Now Tim didn’t discover ChiliPad himself, but it was recommended to him by his friend Kelly Starett, who happens to be a famous cross-fit trainer and the renowned music producer Rick Rubin, which is proof that this thing actually works.

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How ChiliPad Works

ChiliPad is basically a mattress pad, spread over your mattress while you get to adjust its temperature according to your requirements to get the perfect night’s sleep. The mattress pad consists of tiny micro tubes, through which water flows. So basically, when you adjust the temperature, you change the water’s temperature.

Tim Ferriss Chilipad

Although ChiliPad is originally a cooling pad, it also has heating properties. A tube connects the sheet to the cube to regulate the temperature. What Tim likes best about this appliance is its dual zone feature that comes with two separate units to heat and cool the two sides of your bed.

On a warm summer night, you can set its temperature to as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit and take it up to as much as 110 degrees Fahrenheit on a chilly day.

Why Tim Ferriss Loves ChiliPad

Tim Ferriss believes the ChiliPad is the best gift you could give to the next friend getting married, since its dual zone properties won’t leave one of them wrapped in blankets or the other one sweating through the night or worse, leaving them in a tug of war with the sheets. After all, what’s more precious than a good night’s sleep?

If you’re considering ChiliPad as an expense, Tim asks you to do a little math and calculate the costs you’d save by turning the heating/ air-conditioning off, since the ChiliPad will eliminate the need for cooling/heating the entire room by keeping your bed in the ideal temperature zone.

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Friends of Tim Ferriss Loved it Too

Not only Tim Ferriss, but many of his friends have admitted that ChiliPad is one of the greatest recommendations he has ever made in terms of products, since it had a great impact on their quality of sleep. (as mentioned in his book Tools of Titans)

Here is what Tim wrote:

Tim Ferriss Friends Love Chilipad

If you don’t have the budget to buy a ChiliPad but still want to control your sleep temperature, you can buy BedJet which is a cheaper alternative to ChiliPad.

Ear Plugs

Multiple factors trigger insomnia and while they may not be the cause for it, they sure don’t help with sleeping. One of this could be noise and sound coming from your surroundings. That’s because all of us have different tolerance levels towards sound, when we’re trying to fall asleep.

On average 50 dB sounds can wake you up and while sounds less audible than that might not wake you up, they will definitely disturb your sleep cycle. This is why Tim swears by the effectiveness of these ear plugs among hundreds of other alternatives.

How do these ear plugs work? By sealing the ear canal with soft foam, it reduces the noise entered and protects your ear. Their bell shape makes it all the more convenient to fit them in the ear. Due to their superior noise blockage capabilities, they are used in construction, agriculture, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries which involves exposure to high intensity sounds.

If you’re worried about hygiene, the ear plugs come with a poly bag which keeps them clean prior and after use. Although these ear plugs are reusable, Tim Ferriss believes once they lose their bounce, its better to use a new pair. You can get a box with a 100 pairs in less than $30. Probably the best purchase you’ll ever make.

Sleep Mask

Having tried hundreds of sleep masks, Tim Ferriss was never satisfied with any. They would either fall off or get twisted on your face. Sleep Master Sleep Mask was recommended to him by a friend which changed his sleep quality dramatically. Being extremely comfortable, they go over your ear instead of going on top of it. While this may seem like a minor detail, this design change makes a whole lot of difference.

This way, it blocks out all the noise, keeps your ears cool and doesn’t irritate your ear. Instead of using elastic, it has velcro on its back for perfect adjustment. Not only are ordinary sleep masks unreliable, they don’t last long. Unlike other masks, it is made from cool satin fabric for increased breathability. y padding the ear area with, it serves the purpose of an ear plug as well as a sleep mask.

The only thing you need to worry about is theft, because who wouldn’t want to get this mask after looking at its amazing features, or at least after being recommended so by Tim Ferriss himself.

Helix Mattress

Helix Mattress is nothing but the epitome of customized comfort. Millions of people around the globe look for mattresses which suits their specific needs, only to end up with standard mattresses which might not be too different from their previous one. Helix gives you a questionnaire to fill out your requirements and later deliver a mattress that is specifically designed keeping your needs in mind.

You’re asked to answer questions regarding your pressure points, preferred sleeping positions, height, weight, preferred sleep temperature etc. What sets it apart from other mattresses is it dual vs blended mattress feature. The blended mattress is designed for two people with different sleeping needs, without making the two sides different from each other.

On the other hand, the dual comfort option creates two beds in one with two completely different sides, for partners who don’t have anything in common when it comes to sleep requirements. The dual feature charges you an additional $150 since it is equivalent to designing two mattresses. However if you put it that way, it is definitely cheaper than purchasing two separate mattresses.

The mattress cover is extremely breathable and is made from 100% polyester. The mattress restricts motion and movement to its point of origin, minimizing the disturbance created by your partner’s movements. Helix is great at providing superior edge support and also controls heat transfer based on your body type. It is free of any chemicals that you might have the slightest chance of being allergic to and solely relies on airflow mechanism through its layers.

Helix mattress is great for those looking for a mattress while staying within a budget, since it only starts from $600. It is ideal for couples, since sharing a mattress isn’t that easy a task. However, this might not turn out to be great for you if you weigh above 350 pounds or 500 pounds as a couple.