How to Stay Cool at Night while Sleeping

There is nothing in the world that can beat a good 8-hour uninterrupted, deep slumber. Yet most of us tend to witness the horrors of tossing and turning all night, especially when the temperatures are getting warmer and are no way nearer to cooling down anytime soon.

In order to get a good night rest, it is vital for our body’s core temperature to remain cool throughout the night, for if the temperatures rises, the brain starts signaling the body to “wake” up. So in short- to sleep better, you need to stay cool but how do you achieve that, especially when heat waves and the unforgiving humidity are driving everyone crazy?

The good news is, you can battle it out and that too, very easily!

How to Beat the Heat, Survive Hot Summer Nights and Sleep Cool

Here are 13 ways that you can help you stay cool during sleep at night, without the temperature unnecessarily waking you up.

1. Ditch the Royal Bedding

Yes, silk and satin give you all the royal like feelings that you want, but face it, they bring you no good during the summer season. Opt for light-weighted linens, cotton and breathable sheets so that unnecessary heat doesn’t get trapped as you sleep. Light-weighted cotton and linen are the best choice for materials, when it comes to constant air-flow and ventilation, as they cool down immediately and aren’t heavy on the wallet too. So, save those oh-la-la silk and linens for cooler nights.

2. Getting Creative with Technology

Let’s say ditching the posh sleeping habits is not your style or you don’t want to invest in so much revamping, then you can always try out some new innovative technology based on your need. Just like that, The ChiliPad is the new rave which can help you deal with your extra warm and even cold nights.

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This electric cooling mattress pad lets you control the temperature of your bed, based on your requirement, and keeps the temperature consistent through out the night. With its other features like dual-temperature zones (on the same bed), you can be sure of snoozing soundly without any hassle.

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep room cool in summer without ac and cooler, ChiliPad is the solution.

3. Saying No to Over-Fluffy Cushions

There is nothing like turning and getting the cooler side of the pillow, but it can only happen if your pillow isn’t trapping in itself. Usually, we opt for fluffy, plush pillows in hopes of being more comfortable, but the truth is, the thicker it is, the more heat will get trapped in it.

Not just this, the sort of filling your pillow has can make or break your nights and this is why just like your mattresses, sheets and duvets, you need to be keep it simple, if you really want to end the dreaded night-sweats.

4. Unplug those Extra Devices

Everything and anything that uses electricity disseminates heat. So be it your lights, your television, your laptop and even your smart devices, you need to get the least of them inside your room, especially if you plan on sleeping in there.

Disconnect devices, dim the lights and if your room feels toasty, switch everything off except the AC and let the room chill for half and hour. With everything off, the temperature will come down and remain that way, till you light up anything else.

5. Ice those Pulse Points

If you feel exceptionally warm even though the room temperature feels okay, try icing your wrists,neck, feet and other pulse points. Apply ice packs before going to bed and you will immediately feel the chill take over you. For a consistent chill experience, you can use your hot water bottle, for the exact opposite purpose.

Freeze it and then bring that icey-water bottle to bed with you. It will keep you cool and easy and be your very own jumbo ice pack that you can sleep with. Be sure to cover it with a light weighted cloth in order to avoid the extra water as the ice melts

6. Keep the Shades, Even in the Daytime

For cooler temperatures, you need a cooler room and for that its important that you draw out the curtains the entire day, especially when the heat wave is on the rise. While most of your ordinary curtains will work just fine too, opting for thicker, opaque and heavy curtains will keep the heat out more.

In case you want some ventilation, leave the windows open but the curtains drawn or just open the curtains and windows in the evening.

7. Wear Loose Clothing

If you sleep in body hugging clothes, nothing in this world can help you sleep in peace. Period. Loose cotton shirts and pajamas will be your best friend in the entire summer season and based on your personal preference, you can opt for other options like shorts and tank tops. Nevertheless, to sleep best, do not wear your best. Keep it cool and simple.

8. Eat Smart, Not Hearty and Hard

Your eating habits influence your sleep patterns too. As if for now, let’s touch base with two facts- Over-eating before bed time will cause you you to either toss and turn all night or will give you a bad acid reflux, and eating large, meaty, spicy portions of food will cause your body to generate even more heat.

Digestion is a process that uses your body’s energy and when there is energy, there is heat. Therefore, to sleep better and to have a cool night, cut down those dinner portions and opt for healthy chilled fluids, especially before bed time.

9. Bring Down Your Body Temperature Yourself

If you’ve got a body too hot to sleep, try doing a bit for your own self, by your own self- before hitting the bed; take a relaxing shower. That ought to not just bring your temperature down, but it will actually help you sleep better. Another thing that you can do to bring your own temperature down is by changing your exercise timings.

Instead of working out in the evening or the night time, push your workout time to the morning. It takes time for your body to cool down after heavy exertion, plus our bodies are wired to cool down as the night time approaches. Going against it will only disrupt your sweet slumber.

10. Sleep on the Floor

Hot air rises, cool air sinks. Make the most of it by sleeping on the floor rather than the bed. No matter what kind of mattress you invest in, you can be sure of heat getting trapped in there. So for nights where everything is just unbearable, bring out a single mattress and sleep on it.

And in case you share your bed with your partner, then you know how toasty it can get. So why not sleep separately but be in the same room?.

11. Use the Blade-less Fan

The best way to cool a room with fans is to use the blade-less fan. If the ceiling fan doesn’t help you at all or you don’t have a ceiling fan, then the new blade-less fan will surely help you. This sleek looking, noiseless fan creates strong air-flow and sit right beside your side table, giving you cool air through out the night. With its powerful contant air flow, you won’t have to worry about any uneasiness for sure.

12. Use Gel- based cushion and mattress topper

Gel mattresses are known for their amazing ability to keep things cool. Based on the same gel-based concept, there are different alternates that can be used to keep the temperature of your bed low. One of them is using a gel-based pad between your pillow and its case, so your head gets the cozy, chill feeling throughout the night and you sleep like an Egyptian.

Another option is to use gel-based mattress topper that would keep the whole bed’s temperature low. This can be added as an extra layer in your bedding and the silica gel will absorb the extra heat through out the night. Win-Win for everyone!

13. Use Cooling Lotions

Now this is an interesting beauty regime that will not only help your skin but keep you cool too. Methanol and peppermint based products are known to leave a cooling sensation behind and there are creams and lotions that feature these ingredients. Applying these products before bed time, especially on your feet, will not only moisturize your skin but give a cool tingly feeling through out the night too.

In order to enjoy a restful night, you need to invest in it. And when it comes to those summer nights, you need to be more proactive, otherwise you will toss your way through the night. With these ingenious tricks up your sleeves, you can surely enjoy a good night sleep and hey! what can be better than a cold bed in a hot summer night.