Purple vs Leesa Mattress

Purple vs. Leesa Mattress: Which One is Better?

If you’ve been unable to decide between Purple and Leesa, here is a quick comparison between the two to help you make a wise decision.

1. Construction

Leesa Mattress is composed of three different layers. The bottom layer makes the foundation of the mattress and is a 6 inch Support foam, topped by a 2 inches memory foam.The memory foam layer provides pressure relief and support. The top most and third layer is a 2 inches Avena Foam, which is responsible for the cooling effect in the mattress.

The original Purple mattress also consists of three layers, however they are made up of different materials. The bottom and middle layer is are made up of Polyurethane foam that is the foundation of the mattress, and make up for 7.5 inches of the mattress. The polyurethane layer is topped by a 2 inches hyper elastic polymer layer which is responsible for providing the bounce, cooling and pressure relief.

2. Height

To the naked eye, the difference in the heights of Leesa and Purple mattress won’t be noticeable. However, the two are 0.5 inches variable in height from one another. The Leesa foam has a height of 10 inches, while the Purple mattress is 9.5 inches tall.

Comparing to the standard sizes of mattresses available in the market, they fall under the same category of 10 inches. However, those of you, as delicate as the Princess in the fairy tale Princess and the Pea, and looking for a slightly low height mattress would find Purple Mattress a suitable option.

3. Pricing

When it comes to pricing, you have to give due credit to Leesa fro providing excellent value for money, compared to the Purple Mattress, which is relatively heavier on the pocket. Though both the mattresses are more or less similar in their properties, the Purple Mattress falls on the higher end.

However, if you’re sold on certain characteristics of Purple Mattress, but are under a limited budget, you can always look for a smaller size. Both the mattresses are available in a variety of sizes, as we’ll see later in this read. Moreover, Purple mattress does beat Leesa when it comes to sleeping cool and providing more bounce, justifying the higher price.

4. No Motion Transfer

No motion transfer refers to the latest technology in the bedding industry which keeps the movement confined to one end of the bed and restricts its movement to the other end. This feature is especially ideal for couples who often get disturbed by the movement of their partner during the night, or for new parents of babies who wake up by the slightest of the movements.

Purple mattress and Leesa mattress provide similar quality when it comes to motion transfer between the two. They both have a minimal motion transfer and would pass any test related to this.

5. Warranty and Trials

Coming to warranty and return policies, both, Purple and Leesa again have very competitive policies to offer. Both, Purple and Leesa mattress have a 10 years warranty with a 100 nights return policy. This means that you get to have a free trial for a 100 days before you can actually decide for yourself, if the mattress is worth it.

6. Bounce

The Avena Foam layer in the Leesa mattress provides you sufficient bounce to give you a comfy night’s sleep. However, Purple takes the lead here with its hyper elastic polymer layer on the top, that provides extra ordinary bounce.

Again, there is no rule of thumb to determine whether extra bounce makes one mattress better than the other. It is clearly a matter of choice. While newly weds and youngsters would like more bounce in their mattress, elderly would want their mattress to be a little more stable.

7. Sizes

Leesa and Purple Mattress are both available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs. The mattresses are not confined to master bedrooms only, but you can also get one for your children’s beds or a smaller sized bed in the house.

Leesa Mattress is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes, while the Purple Mattress has Twin XL, Queen, King and California King Sizes available commercially.

8. Sleep Temperature

A key reason for changing mattresses is that many old mattresses tend to start absorbing heat with time, and make you uncomfortable during the night. This problem is solved by the breathable material used in the latest bedding technology.

While the Avena Foam layer also does a great job at maintaining a cool temperature, Purple mattress takes the edge here. Purple Mattress has a hyper-elastic polymer layer with a grid design that allows for greater breathability and air flow in the mattress. This prevents you from getting night sweats during the night and does a great job at keeping you cool through the night.

9. Firmness

The firmness test was carried out by between the two mattresses to determine which mattress has a firmer structure. According to the test, Purple mattress (3.5/5) ranks slightly higher than Leesa mattress (3/5).

Similar to bounce, the firmness of the mattress is also a relative measure, that varies in choice from consumer to consumer. Since the difference is so unnoticeable, you can only judge it better by testing both during the trial period. Based on the firmness level that suits your body shape, you can make the right decision.

10. Noise Reduction

Both, Purple and Leesa mattress feature excellent noise reduction technology alongside no motion transfer technology. Unlike ordinary spring mattresses, the two do not produce the slightest of noise with any movement on the bed.

Why Purple Mattress?

Summing it all up, its the moment of truth. What factors make the Purple Mattress a better buy than Leesa Mattress? The gel technology and grid structure that allows for maximum breathability and airflow provides a cooler sleeping experience than Leesa mattress. So if you’re changing your existing mattress so that you can sleep cool, you want to bring home the Purple Mattress, even if it comes with a premium price tag attached to it. Secondly, if you’re looking for a mattress with a greater bounce and a firmer feel, Purple Mattress is the right choice for you.

Why Leesa Mattress?

Probably the biggest factor that gives the Leesa mattress an edge over every other factor is its value for money. For a considerably lesser price, it gives you amazing quality. Who wants to pay extra when they can get the same features for a lesser price? Secondly, users looking for an all foam material should go for the Leesa mattress.