Purple Vs Helix Mattress

Both Purple and Helix mattress have caught our attention with their superb marketing skills, but it isn’t the marketing that’ll ensure you enjoy a restful sleep. Here we discuss the pros and cons of both mattresses in detail, which will ultimately help you choose the mattress that is right for you. May the best mattress win.

What’s common between the two?


The responsiveness of a mattress is referred to as its tendency to bounce back when the pressure applied to it is released. High responsiveness means a quick bounce back once pressure is released. Both Helix and Purple Mattress do a fine job when its comes to responsiveness. Helix mattress’ top polyfoam layer combined with the micro-coils give it the springy and bouncy feel you look for in a mattress.

Purple mattress is just as good an option if we talk about responsiveness solely. Purple mattress’ top layer is made up of hyper elastic polymer that makes it highly responsive and the mattress regains its shape as soon as you lift off the pressure from it. Unlike memory foams, you won’t see body impressions on it. Also, you won’t have to flip sides which is an indication of the high durability of the top layer and the mattress in general.

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Believe it or not, the pricing helps make your decision way easier since you’re well aware of how much you want to spend on a particular item. However, when it comes down to choosing between Purple Mattress and Helix Mattress, price isn’t a differentiating factor since both of them cost around $1,000 for the Queen Size. Both are around 10 inches thick and the price for both is similar in all sizes.

Cooling Technology

Both Purple and Helix mattress are a good choice when it comes to temperature regulation and sleeping cool. Although they feature different technologies, both claim to help keep you cool through the night by maximizing airflow. Helix Mattress has a special Transition Layer designed specifically for this purpose. Since Helix mattress is made up of micro-coils, they allow for increased flow of air, compared to no airflow design in memory foams.

Purple Mattress’ top layer is built of hyper elastic polymer and it uses a smart grid technology that basically causes air to flow freely through the spaces, keeping you cool and sweat free at night. Although the Purple mattress is different from the conventional feel of memory foam and latex mattresses, it is in noway inferior when it comes to delivering quality sleep.

Pressure Relief

The top reason for changing mattresses is increasing back pain due to the inability of the mattress to dissipate weight evenly and alleviate pressure from the pressure points. This results in sore joints and a tired body when you wake up in the morning. Both Helix and Purple are committed to getting rid of back and joint pains, however, they do so differently from one another.

Helix mattress is the epitome of customization and is designed to suit your specific needs compared to the standard features Purple mattress has to offer. Whether or not the mattress can improve sleep quality depends on its firmness level. Helix mattress dissipates your weight evenly and keeps your body aligned. Built according to your choice, the firmness level of the mattress can be altered as per your requirement.

The hyper elastic polymer layer of Purple mattress also conforms to your body structure, keeping your spine aligned in its natural position. This prevents you from developing joint pain and also provides relief to pressure points, ensuring a good night’s sleep.


Both mattresses have similar warranty claims i.e. 100 nights free trial with a free refund policy alongside a 10 year long warranty. Again, this isn’t something that’ll help you decide between the two since the policy is pretty competitive.

How is the Construction Different?

Helix Mattress is made up of a three layered structure, the bottom layer being high grade poly foam, which gives the mattress its foundational support. It is this layer which is customized according to the user’s preference in the questionnaire filled while ordering. The middle layer is the micro coils layer, consisting of hundreds of tiny coils, similar to the composition of a spring mattress. The micro coils in this layer are individually pocketed limiting motion transfer. The top most layer is the dynamic foam which is a midway between latex and memory foams.

Purple Mattress, like Helix, is also composed of three layers as well, bottom two being poly foam layers, while the top layer is the hyper elastic polymer layer, that makes up for the Unique Selling Point of this mattress. The top layer has a grid like structure which contours according to your body shape and provides unmatchable pressure relief and support. The grid like structure is also responsible for allowing airflow in the spaces, keeping your mattress cool while you rest on it.

What Edge Does Helix have over Purple?


Coming down to the key deciding features that influence your purchase decision, Helix mattress has customizations at heart and allows user to basically design a mattress for themselves. A questionnaire on the website uses your answers to recommend the best suited mattress for you. Here’s the best part. You also have the option to fill this questionnaire up as a couple and based on your responses, the website recommends a blended or a split mattress for you. While a blended mattress also looks at individual needs, it is designed as a single piece mattress, compared to a split mattress which is basically two mattresses combined into one. Split mattresses are made for couples with different mattress requirements. So that definitely gives Helix Mattress an edge over Purple.

Edge Support

Helix mattress also takes a lead when it comes to providing edge support. Especially important for people sharing a bed, sinkage from either side is a huge problem and needs to be accounted for when purchasing a mattress. Helix mattress has reportedly less complaints of edge support and provides even support from the edge to the center.

What Edge Does Purple have over Helix?

Motion Transfer

Both mattresses have their pros and cons but the purchase decision eventually rests upon what factors are important to the buyer. While Helix mattress may provide better edge support and a lot of customization, Purple mattress beats it when it comes to limiting motion transfer. again, this is extremely important for couples who are sensitive sleepers and wake up as a result of their partner’s movement. Purple mattress limits motion transfer to its place of origin, without you feeling a thing happening on the other side of the bed.

Cooling Technology

Now, both mattresses claim to offer a cooling sleep experience, user reviews and experience suggests that Purple mattress is the better choice if you’re especially looking for a mattress that helps with night sweats and hot flashes. Its grid like structure maximizes air flow which is better off in providing a cooling effect compared to the micro coiled structure of Helix mattress.

Which Mattress is best for You?

So, it all comes down to this one question: Which is the better mattress? Now we wish there was a definite answer to this but it all depends on your preferences and requirements as a sleeper. The final verdict here is that Purple Mattress is best suited for individuals who are heavy sleepers and are looking for a medium-firm mattress. If you are a sensitive sleeper and dislike the idea of springs and coils in your bed, you would want to go with Purple. Similarly, if sleeping cool is a priority, then Purple is definitely the better choice for you.

Helix mattress on the other hand, is ideal for couples with the option to customize one bed for two separate sleepers. Since the firmness and plush for Helix can also be made to order, you should go with it if looking for something softer and plushy.