Purple vs Ghostbed Mattress

Purple vs. Ghostbed Mattress Comparison

If you’ve been unable to decide between Ghostbed and Purple Bed, this comparison will help you understand the features of each and make a final decision.


The Purple mattress is a three layered combination of foam and polymer, with a total height of 9.5 inches. The Ghostbed mattress, on the other hand, is an 11 inches mattress, which is made from a combination of memory foam and latex.


The Purple mattress is a three layered combination of foam and polymer. This consists of its two polyurethane layers, 4 inches and 3.5 inches respectively, and a 2 inches hyper elastic polymer layer on top.

While the polyurethane layers serve as foundational layers which support deeper compression, the hyper elastic polymer layer on top is built to provide extra bounce and pressure relief to the sleeper.

The Ghostbed mattress has a total of three layers. The lowest layer is a 7.5 inches support foam which offers a foundation support for the whole mattress. The second layer is that of a 2 inches gel memory foam layer, which provides additional support and pressure relief to the sleeper.

The top layer of the Ghostbed Mattress serves the same purpose as that of Purple Mattress.

The 1.5 inches aerated latex foam is responsible for giving bounce and pressure relief to the sleeper alongside generating a cool feeling to help you sleep cool.

Both the mattresses serve a similar purpose with their composition, though they employ different materials. While the Ghostbed is all foam, Purple mattress has an additional plastic layer to it.

Mattress Cover

The Purple mattress comes with an aesthetically pleasant mattress cover, which is all white in color. It has a diamond styled pattern embossed all over the cover, with the Purple logo embossed on the sides. The surface is smooth to touch and the material used is highly breathable. The components used are viscose, polyester and polyester Lycra.

To help you sleep cool, the pattern is in line with the grid structure used in the mattress and allows for maximum airflow.

The Ghostbed mattress cover composition is divided into two materials. While the mattress top is 100% polyester, the gray material used on the sides is made up of part polyester and part polypropylene. The diamond pattern gives a fresh look to the mattress.

The cover on the sides is not as stretchy and flexible as the cover on top of the mattress, providing a strong frame to the mattress and hold the fabric tightly in its place, giving it a sleek look.


The perfect mattress is one which is neither too firm to make you feel like you’re lying on the floor, not too soft that its is unable to contour your body weight accordingly.

The Purple Mattress does the perfect job of providing the right firmness for individuals of all age groups and firmness choices. Overall, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being super soft and 10 being super firm, it falls somewhere at a 6.5. This caters a broader market of various firmness levels for different sleepers.

Although it has no latex in its composition, it does have properties similar to that. By providing the right body contour, it relieves pressure off pressure points for a longer period of time, without having to change sides.

The Ghostbed mattress also targets a similar target market as that of Purple mattress, and is therefore neither too firm, nor too soft. Surprisingly, it also falls at a 6.5 on the firmness scale. The latex used in the mattress adjusts itself according to your body weight.

Weight Capacity

Although both mattresses are suitable for sleepers of all weights, the performance of the mattress varies after a certain weight limit is crossed.

Purple mattress can handle up to 300 pounds per side, while Ghostbed mattress can handle even more, 400 pounds per side!

Temperature Regulation

The aerated latex foam and the gel memory foam used in the Ghostbed mattress allow sufficient and even heat distribution and prevent the mattress from holding body heat at a single point. If the heat is not trapped, you sleep cool through the night.

The Purple mattress on the other hand, does a remarkable job at keeping the mattress cool. How is that? The hyper elastic polymer layer has a grid like structure which allows maximum airflow and greater breathability. This makes Purple Mattress the best option when it comes to choosing a mattress on which you don’t sleep hot.


A higher bounce level is not the right measure for a better mattress. When it comes to evaluating a mattress over its bounce, it is completely a matter of choice.

While the youth prefers a more bouncy and responsive mattress, the elderly prefer something that minimizes bounce and adjusts according to their spinal alignment.

The hyper elastic polymer layer makes the Purple Mattress highly responsive and gives amazing bounce. The raw eggs test is a demo for how bouncy this bed is.

The latex layer of the Ghostbed mattress also does a good job in delivering the required bounce with a high response rate. However, Purple mattress beats the Ghostbed mattress at giving extra bounce, provided you’re not looking for a complete foam mattress. In that case, the Ghostbed mattress would be the right option.

Which One Should You Buy?

So, it all comes down to this one question ultimately, which mattress should one choose? As it is completely a matter of choice, it depends on what characteristics you’re looking for in your new mattress.

The Purple Mattress is the right choice for you, if: 

1. You don’t want to sleep hot: By providing maximum airflow and breathability through its grid like structure, it prevents heat from trapping and keeps you cool as you sleep.

2. You want greater bounce: If you’re looking for great bounce, Purple mattress is the right choice for you with its unbeatable response time.

The Ghostbed Mattress is the right choice for you, if: 

1. You’re on a budget: Needless to say, the Purple and Ghostbed mattress provide competitive quality on every trait. Who wants to spend more when you can get the same quality for a lesser price? Therefore, if you’re on a budget, then you would want to get your hands on the Ghostbed mattress.

2. You want an all foam mattress: Since many users prefer an all foam mattress, and don’t want any plastic element in it, the Ghostbed mattress provides superior quality with its all foam composition, without compromising on any characteristic.