Purple vs. Casper Mattress: One-One Comparison

While the Casper mattress has been around for a while, Purple mattress is a newcomer in the industry which has created waves due to some of its striking features. But is the hype worth it?

Here we review both Casper and Purple mattress in depth to help you decide better between the two.


Let’s talk about the composition of each mattress first.

Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress is different from ordinary mattresses, primarily because of its composition. It is neither a complete memory foam, nor a latex foam. It is made up of polyurethane foam and hyper elastic polymer layer. The polyurethane foam is divided into two layers, the lower layer being 4 inches, and the upper layer being 3.5 inches. This layer provides the support required and provide pressure relief. The 2 inches hyper elastic polymer layer on the top has a grid like structure which is responsible for multiple functions. The purple mattress has a height of 9.5 inches altogether.

Firstly, the grid like structure is responsible for the air flow, that allows heat transfer across the mattress, preventing it from trapping at a single point. This helps you in sleeping cool through the night without the fear of sweating while you sleep. Secondly, this layer provides extra bounce and increases the overall response time of the mattress. Thirdly, it performs the function of latex, by evenly distributing the pressure applied on the surface, relieving it off pressure points.

The Purple Mattress cover is also designed to appeal to the users aesthetically. Its diamond shaped grid pattern keeps the foam intact and the polyester, viscose and polyester Lycra used in its composition also make it highly breathable. It has the logo embossed on the front and sides and is pretty soft and elastic when compared to other mattresses. You can check out my Purple bed review where I dive deeply into all the technical stuff.

Casper Mattress

Casper mattress is an all foam mattress compared to Purple mattress which has polymer layers in its composition. It is made up of four layers in total, the bottom layer being the 5 inches poly foam that acts as the foundational support. This is topped by another 1.5 inches poly foam to evenly dissipate the pressure between the base foam and the memory foam layer above it. The memory foam layer plays the key role in providing support and relieves pressure off the pressure points. Other than that, it prevents the heat from trapping inside and keeps the mattress cool. The top layer is the latex like (response) foam which keeps the mattress cool.

The Casper Mattress cover has its bottom and upper surface made from polyester while the sides are composed of both polyester and polypropylene. The cover is highly breathable in material and lets you sleep cool and keeps the heat from trapping. The Casper mattress is also 9.5 inches in height. It is lighter in weight compared to Purple mattress, which can be a key differentiating factor for individuals who want a light weight mattress.

Casper Mattress Features

1. Firmness

Casper mattress is slightly firmer than the Purple mattress which ranks at a 6.5 compared to the 7.0 rating of Casper. The memory foam with a combination of poly foams increases the overall mattress density and provides increased sinkage and a harder feel to the sleeper. However, the mattress regains its shape quickly which prevents you from feeling stuck in the mattress. Since every individual varies in weight, the firmness level preference also varies from person to person.

2. Edge Support

One of the best features of the Casper mattress is the edge support it provides, which is absent in ordinary mattresses. What does that mean? Casper mattress goes one notch higher by providing the same level of support and response on the edges as that in the center of the mattress. The mattress retains its shape and successfully manages to distribute weight evenly.

3. Cool Temperature

The latex like foam layer used on top of the mattress is responsible for keeping the mattress cool and prevents heat from trapping at a single point.

Purple Mattress Features

1. No Motion Transfer

Without a doubt, this is the most striking feature of this mattress. The no motion transfer feature of the Purple Mattress is one of those specs you didn’t know you wanted until you got to know about them. No matter how much your sleep partner is tossing or turning around on the other side of the bed, the no motion transfer feature confines the movement to its point of origin. This makes the Purple mattress ideal for couples.

2. Even Weight Distribution

Purple mattress is designed to evenly distribute your body weight and relieve pressure off the pressure points in our body. It contours according to your body shape and adjusts itself accordingly. It responds to the weight placed by an equal and opposite reaction force which prohibits one way pressure and therefore you wake up fresh and free of sore muscles after a restorative sleep.

3. Medium Firm Feel

The Purple mattress stands at a 6.5 on the firmness scale of 1-10, 1 being too soft and 10 being too firm. This is the ideal firmness level to suit sleepers of all types. Since we all have different preferences for our mattress firmness, a moderate firmness level caters to a broad category. A rating of 6.5 indicates that the mattress would neither be too soft for you to sink in, nor too firm to keep you from sleeping comfortably. Purple mattress gives you the right firmness and support to your specific spinal alignment preventing sore muscles.

4. Bounce and Responsiveness

Purple mattress is highly responsive when it comes to bounce. The hyper elastic polymer layer reacts quickly to any pressure put on it and this instantaneous response makes the Purple mattress very bouncy. Ideal for young couples, the Purple mattress is capable of dissipating weight evenly across the mattress surface without concentrating it on one specific point.

Which mattress minimizes Motion Transfer better?

The Purple mattress minimizes motion transfer better, without a doubt. Since that is its key competitive edge, it distinguishes it from other mattresses. While the Casper mattress is not exceptional at minimizing motion transfer, it does a good job in dissipating the weight evenly.

Which Mattress provides better warranty?

Both Casper and Purple mattress have a 100 nights return policy. You can get a complete refund if you return the mattress within 100 days, so the warranty policy for both the mattresses is the same.

Which mattress saves you cost?

While the Purple mattress lies slightly at the higher end of the price range, it lives up to the standard you expect. The price range varies across different sizes for both mattresses. But if you’re looking for a low budget option, Casper mattress is the right choice.

Which mattress is cooler?

Both the mattresses do a good job at keeping heat from trapping at a single point, however, the grid structure of the hyper elastic polymer layer in the Purple Mattress beats all other mattresses at keeping cool.