Best Sheets for Purple Mattress

Best Sheets for Purple MattressNow that you’ve spent a fortune on purchasing the Purple Mattress, there’s no question of compromising on the sheet quality. No matter how good your mattress is, your mattress sheets have a crucial role to play, especially when it comes to sleeping cool. Luckily, Purple mattress is now producing its own customized sheets that fit Purple mattress. They are of superior quality and make your sleep experience similar to that of sleeping on a cloud. These are really the best sheets for Purple mattress as per my personal experience.

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We are going to discuss purple sheets in detail so you can educate yourself before making a decision.

Purple Sheets Review

The whole set consists of 1 flat sheet, one fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases. The fitted sheet is elasticated and fits itself on the mattress corners and stays in shape. The sheets are seamless so you won’t have to worry about the finish of the sheets once they’re spread on the bed.


The key distinguishing feature of these stretchy Purple bamboo sheets is the material used in their manufacturing. Purple sheets are made up of viscose that is derived from bamboo. The fitted sheet and the pillow cases are all fitted with an elastic band to fit to mattresses and pillows of different sizes. The sheets are softer compared to Jersey Knit sheets.


Purple sheets are available in 6 sizes, to fit your Purple mattress accordingly! Yes, that is a whole lot of sizes. The sheets range from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King and California King size.

Are they Breathable?

The key concern of buyers is the breathability of sheets as it has a critical role to play when it comes to sleeping cool. Purple sheets are made of bamboo which makes them highly breathable. Compared to the typical Egyptian sheets you’ve been using all your life, these sheets are 83% more breathable.

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Do these Sheets Shrink?

Purple Sheets pass the shrinkage test by shrinking as low as 2.5%. Compared to other sheets that are commercially available, Purple sheets have half the shrinkage rate which takes off one concern off your list.

Color Transfer

Purple sheets are made up of high quality material which prevents color from transferring onto these sheets, or vice versa. This means you can soak and wash these sheets with other sheets.


The Purple sheets are way softer as compared to any other sheets you will get your hands on. While the softness of other sheets is compromised when stretched, that is not the case for Purple mattress. Stretch all you want and the sheets will still be soft as fur giving you the most relaxed feeling in the world. These are the best stretchy sheets for Purple mattress.


The price range of Purple sheets varies for different sizes. The starting price is $99 for Twin and Twin XL sizes. The price increases to $114 for Full, Full XL and Queen sized mattresses. For King size and Calfornia King sized beds, the price is $129. The set contains two pillow cases, one flat sheet and one fitted sheet. You can select between white, sand and slate colors.

Any Warranty?

Unfortunately, Purple sheets can not be refunded or returned as per the company policy. Therefore you might want to give it proper thought before you invest in a 100 dollars. However, the material being the softest in the world is sure to guarantee you the satisfaction you long for which means there’s a bright chance you would not want to return them. Reading customer reviews on their website may also give you a fair idea of what you’re going to buy.

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Should I Buy?

Still confused about your purchase decision? There’s a good chance that you might think that any other cheaper replacement can fulfil the purpose and you need not spend much on buying Purple sheets specifically. So you should buy purple sheets only if:

1. You are looking for cooler sheets
If you’re looking for highly breathable and cool sheets, then these sheets are worth every penny. The bamboo material used is the first of its kind and a pioneer in the industry. Purple sheets guarantee a cool night sleep minus the sweating.

2. You are looking for lightweight bedsheets
Bamboo being a naturally lighter material makes these sheets extremely lightweight and thinner. If you don’t want to buy heavier and thicker sheets, Purple sheets is your answer.

3. You want the best value for your money
Who does not want that? Purple sheets make sure that your sleep experience is defined by coolness and coziness. Same quality alternatives are only available for a much higher price (around $200), which makes the $114 deal a great buy, even if you’re on a budget. Luxury comes at a cost but what’s important is that the company lives up to its claims which is rightly done by Purple.