BedJet Review 2018 - V2 Climate Control System for Your Bed

BedJet V2 Review (As Seen on Shark Tank)

Like every great invention ever, Bedjet was initially considered an impractical idea, which made its owner leave without a deal on ABC’s Shark Tank. Then again, like every great idea, this bed cooling fan turned out to be a roaring success a few years later when launched by Mark Aramli, a former engineer at NASA.

That’s because there were no cooling mattresses, chilled pillows, or liquid circulation involved. Bedjet is used as an extension to your existing bed, which comes with a nozzle that can be attached underneath or on top of your bed. This nozzle then allows warm or cool air to blow through your sheets depending on how hot or cool you sleep.

With more than 90% fiver-star reviews, BedJet is the #1 choice of consumers when it comes to climate control systems for your bed.

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How Does BedJet V2 Work?

It works on the principle of convection currents and evaporation to provide a cooling sensation and keeping you sweat free through the night.

While hot air rises and cool air sinks, the air released from BedJet circulates the cool air in the wind, which provides a cooling sensation when your body loses its heat through evaporation. When your body moisture comes in contact with the cool air in the convection current, evaporation occurs and you feel cooler, basically the same reason why you feel cooler after sweating.

Unboxing BedJet V2
Unboxing BedJet V2

Setting Up the Unit

Like other customizable options, Bedjet gives you the freedom to place it on either side of the bed, or at the foot of the bed. This, in no way, will affect the cooling or heating effect of the appliance, since it is meant to distribute the heat or cold evenly. If you just want the heat or cold on one side of the bed, you can place it on the sides, however, if you’re planning on using it to condition your entire bed space, then you need to place it on bed’s foot.

Parts Included with the BedJet V2
Parts Included with the BedJet V2

The nozzle is pretty long (4ft), so stretching it to the desired location won’t be a hassle. However, if you have a bigger sized bed and are uncertain about the length of the hose, then you can always purchase a longer hose, which is sold individually by the company. Before you send in your order for an extra hose, be mindful of the fact that the nozzle needs to stay flat in your sheets and not stuck upwards at a certain angle, so a smaller size would also work.

Assembling the appliance won’t take you longer than it takes to assemble your child’s toy cars. Spare 5-10 minutes of your life to bring years of peaceful sleep in your life. You won’t be needing any tools for this. All you need is to check the height at which the hose needs to be set for maximum airflow and then attach it to the base of Bedjet and the mattress bracket.

Single Zone v/s Dual Zone

To suit the sleeping requirements of a variety of customers, Bedjet V2 comes in two forms. A single zone unit which maintains one temperature across the whole bed, or one part of the bed (if you’re using a dual zone AirComforter sheet) and a dual zone appliance which consists of two separate units that allow you and your partner to sleep at two different temperatures, without one of you being drenched in sweats or covered in blankets in the morning.

Select from the temperature range between 72 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or from 3 preset options: Gentle Warmth (95 degrees), Desert breeze (100 degrees) and NightSweat Dry (87 degrees) and enjoy restorative sleep through out the night. All it takes is 3 minutes to provide you the required temperature. Room temperature below 79 degrees is ideal for the best cooling results.

If you want to take things up a notch, you can turn on the turbo mode, which provides a blast of warm/cold air to get your bed ready for the night. However, there are some limitations to the turbo mode as all good things come at a price. You can not run the turbo mode for any longer than 10 minutes and it also uses up a lot of energy (upto 15oo watts).

A lot of people confuse the AirTemp option on the app as the temperature they’re trying to achieve. However, this temperature shows the current standing of your room which will rise or fall once your room starts to get to the set temperature.

You can also adjust the airflow according to your preference, which is measured in percentage. The percentage scale is set at 5% (that means it increases or decreases 5% every time you press the button) and can be increased up to a 100% on pressing the plus and minus button.

If you’re using dual zone units, then you need to be careful with the turbo modes. That’s because a single zone unit’s turbo mode takes up to as much as 1500 watts of energy, multiply this by two and you get the perfect recipe for breaking the circuit. Therefore, if you’re bound to use the turbo mode in both, do so in turns to avoid overloading the switches.

AirComforter Sheet

Coming towards important things, once you’re done with the adjustment, bear in mind that this system will only work if you provide proper insulation. For it to work properly, the Bedjet needs to be placed between a fitted sheet and an upper comforter/loose sheet. Which is why the BedJet isn’t that good an option for someone who doesn’t sleep with sheets on.

Although you can use this with any other thing in the world, the AirComforter sheet, which can be purchased separately, fills up with air and maintains the desired temperature, a feature that you won’t be able to avail with any ordinary sheet.

Bedjet in Action
Bedjet in Action with AirComforter Sheet

Like the appliance itself, the AirComforter also comes in two varieties i.e. single zone and dual zone. A single zone AirComforter sheet allows you to maintain one temperature across the entire bed, while a dual zone will let you maintain two different temperatures on either side of the bed simultaneously. However, you’ll be needing two BedJets for that purpose.

The advantage AirComforter sheet has over ordinary sheets is the four chambers present at the bottom of the sheet to easily fit the BedJet hose in. This keeps the sheet inflated and insulated, without letting the cool/warm air escape the bedsheet. The chambers are tightly stitched and do not shrink when washed.

Biorhythm Sleep Technology

Another feature where BedJet V2 takes the lead is its bio-rhythm technology that works according to your circadian rhythm. Among many other factors that determine your sleeping and waking up cycle, temperature is one key player.

You see, our body works in a very systematic manner. Your body drops in temperature when you’re about to fall asleep and gradually rises its temperature when you’re about to wake up. Keeping this process in mind, the BedJet V2 matches your internal body clock temperature automatically whilst allowing you to do so manually as well.

You can set hourly temperatures manually and even let it set so for you automatically by tapping the Biorhythm Cycle Suggest option on your app. Cool, isn’t it?


Other alternatives to BedJet V2 might cost you a fortune, making you want to stick to your current sleeping ways, but this appliance is pretty economical and doesn’t exceed the $900 limit regardless of how big or small your bed size is. And yes that is inclusive of delivery costs.

It starts from $350 and goes up to $900 with all the upgrades and bigger sizes. You can always start with the cheaper units and use those as a tester before you place an expensive order.

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It saves you the energy units that are used to heat or cool the entire house by providing you the perfect temperature in your bed, eliminating any need of cooling/heating the entire room.

AirComforter sheets are not included with BedJet by default. You have the option of buying these separately. For best experience, I recommend you buy these sheets as these sheets ensure a smooth of flow of air.

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BedJet is a good alternative to ChiliPad if you’re on a tight budget.

Mobile App

You can regulate the temperature by its remote control or by installing its mobile phone app, whichever you find more convenient. Even if you misplace the remote, your system won’t become useless since it’ll still be operable with your mobile app. That’s because the unit itself has no buttons and needs a remote/app to control it at all times. The mobile app is free to download, available for both android and iOS and also offers you more liberty when it comes to accessing its features. Better temperature control options and the alarm/timer setting option are definitely place the app a notch higher in accessibility than the remote.

Remote Control for BedJet V2
Remote Control for BedJet V2

While you have to keep pressing the plus/minus buttons to set the temperature, you can simply enter the figures directly on the app and get the required temperature. Goes the same way for setting the timer as well, with the mobile app making things way easier and automatic in their realest sense. However, you need to ensure that the unit is switched on and that you’re controlling the correct unit, if you have a dual zone unit. Last thing you want is switching bed temperatures with your partner.

BedJet Smartphone App
BedJet Smartphone App

Does it Make Any Noise?

Every other appliance with a fan blower comes with a noise problem which means you have to compromise on your sleep one way or the other. BedJet V2 on the other hand comes with a special acoustic damping technology, which reduces the noise produced and makes it quietest cooler/heater that works with a fan.

The cooling and heating modes do not differ in the sound produced, but the turbo mode definitely creates noticeable noise. Luckily, turbo mode doesn’t last any longer than 10 minutes and is usually used to prep up your bed for sleep, so you won’t have to bear that noise for long.

Considering how quickly it warms up and cools down your bed, the 10 minute noise is definitely outweighed by the benefits BedJet V2 has to offer. The highest cooling and heating setting barely make sounds higher than 39dB while the medium setting is definitely quieter than any air conditioner or cooler you will buy.

Alarms and Timers

What got us to buy BedJet V2 was this particular feature. What use is any heating/cooling feature if you have to get up all night to adjust it manually with a remote. Automatic in its realest sense, the BedJet allows you to set timers and alarms for your desired temperature setting.

With the alarm setting, you can set your favorite setting for a specific time of the day, for example, a blast of cold air for your night sweats in the middle of the night, or warm air to make your bed toasty before you get into it. Some people might find it most useful in the morning, when they can heat up their bed in the morning, so they don’t feel too cold in the shower, or cool up their bed which helps them wake up for work.

If you’re a deep sleeper and are afraid that keeping the BedJet system powered on for the entire night will bring about a hike inn your utility bills, then the off timer option has got you covered. This tells you when the appliance will automatically turn off. The heat mode ranges in duration from 20 minutes to 12 hour, whereas the cool mode switches off on its own in 10 hours.

Though it is way more convenient to operate on the app, you can do so by using the hourglass button on the remote.

Consumer Reviews

People who bought and used the BedJet system have been really happy with it. A majority of them called it the only real way to combat night sweats.

And that has been my personal experience too. If you’ve been looking for a solution to get rid of night sweats and hot flashes, you should consider buying a BedJet system. See the reviews yourself:

BedJet Consumer Reviews
BedJet Consumer Reviews

And you don’t lose anything. It comes with a risk-free trial period of 60 days. You can return it if you don’t like it; no questions asked.

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Who Should Buy the BedJet V2?

If you live in areas with long hot summers and a warm climate in general, then the BedJet isn’t too great an option for you since it can’t be used as an alternative for your air conditioner.

People living in more neutral climatic regions can make best use of it, since they don’t have to turn to their air conditioners too often.

People who love to sleep in warm and toasty beds throughout the year may also find it extremely useful since it warms up your bed for you, before you even get in.

It is also ideal for couples who like to sleep at different temperatures. The dual zone sheet allows you to maintain two different temperatures simultaneously without either one of you compromising on their sleep.

For best results, you would need to invest in two BedJet units which will provide custom temperature settings for each side of the bed.


If you’re concerned about your money going to waste, BedJet V2 has got your back. With a generous trial period of 60 days, it gives you ample time to check if the serves the purpose. Try it yourself and see if it is something you should be spending your hard-earned money on.

If you don’t like it for any reason, just return it. It comes with a 100% No questions asked money-back guarantee and you don’t even need to pay for return shipping.


What kind of maintenance is required with BedJet V2?

The only maintenance BedJet V2 requires is that of cleaning its air filter, that too after 3 months. The air filter is present in its air intake grill and is 100% washable. It can be released by pressing the BedJet logo button on top.

Will the BedJet V2 fit under my bed?

The complete system is about 6.75 inches tall which will fit about 95% of all standard sized beds. If it doesn’t, you can always get vertical mount accessory which can be placed alongside your bed.

Can the exhaust fan get blocked by sheets?

The BedJet microprocessor is designed to handle all sorts of things that could go wrong. In case of sheet blockade, the unit turns off automatically to protect itself from any damages.

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